3D Scan of the Silent Valley Teapot


To view the tea pot please click here.

Thanks to Minnie and John Annett of Brackenagh for allowing us to do a 3D scan of their Silent Valley teapot (scanning performed by CDDA at QUB). One side depicts a scene of Happy Valley, prior to the building of the dam, whilst the other appears to be the Silent Valley dam itself (a before and after scene). We’re not quite sure of the history associated with this however we think it may date back to 1933, or thereabouts, when the Silent Valley scheme was officially opened.  We would love to hear from anyone who also has one of these teapots – Can you help us to fill in the gaps ? Were these teapots given out at the launch ?  Or were they given to people who worked on the Silent Valley scheme ? 

If you have any information that may be useful, please give us a call on 028 437 67391 or email Camilla.fitzpatrick@mourne.co.uk.   

Thanks for your assistance.