Mourne Heritage Trust funding under threat


Mourne Heritage Trust is asking all our supporters for their help in relation to the current Department of the Environment  budget consultation, at this critical time when government funds are under pressure. The draft budget indicates that the grant programme that funds MHT could be terminated.  It is important for us to  remind government of the environmental, economic and social benefits that Mourne Heritage Trust delivers, and in no way is this better expressed than through the people with whom we interact.  We do not require you to respond to the consultation as an expert or in any great detail.  Rather, if you can spare a few minutes,  please express in your own words how you value the Mourne Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the work of the Trust to look after it.  And please encourage others whom you feel similarly value our work to do likewise.  Please click here to read the letter from our Chair and Vice Chair which explains some background and provides contact details.  Many thanks for your vital support.