There will be prescribed burning taking place in the Bloody Bridge River Valley in March and April 2016 as part of a wildfire prevention plan for the Eastern Mournes.   

The plan identified critical sites where the removal of the fuel load or vegetation can change the rate of spread of a wildfire, thus  giving NIFRS and other responding bodies a chance to intervene. The aim is to protect the broader designated landscape by treating a relatively small part of it – approximately 2%.   

To this end, prescribed burning will be taking place at Bloody Bridge on the route up to the Mourne Wall. This will be from Monday 7 March until Thursday 24 March 2016, and then Monday 4 April until Tuesday 12 April 2016. The aim is to avoid weekends and the Easter holidays as it is a busy access corridor. The work is completely weather dependant and as a result is likely to be on and off during the above period.   

Routes will not be closed, but there may be delays while a particular action is carried out, and there will be marshals providing information on site.   

We apologise for the inconvenience.   

Please contact the office for more details or if you have any queries.