Mourne Heritage Trust is a limited not of profit company with charitable status. While we have consistently secured funding for our core activities from central and local government we do not have statutory status or the continuity and security of resources that tends to accompany that.

In this context we are very grateful to all our generous donors – as well as those who support the Trust with their time, our wonderful volunteers – who have chosen to express their pride in and affection or the Mourne AONB by helping us.

These contributions make a real difference and have helped us to do things as diverse as establish a bee apiary at Dunnywater in the Annalong Valley (bees can make a significant contribution to the health of a heathland) and to undertake path repairs in eroding areas.

The sources of donations have been equally varied including ‘whip round’ collections by walking groups, proportions of entry fees to mass participation events in the area and donations in lieu of wedding gifts or in memory of loved ones.

To help make the process of donating simple we have established a JustGiving account online, which can be accessed from the link below.


Alternatively please simply contact the Trust office on (028) 43724059 where staff will be pleased to discuss how you can support the work of the Trust in line with your interests or email us on .